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The Future of TV

This book is the master guide to the future, encompassing all forms of television from traditional networks to the new media frontier. In the same way that the author’s previous book, Writing the TV Drama Series, has become the go-to “bible” for anyone who writes or produces television shows, The Future of Television is the next generation must-have source to understand or work in television. Featuring exclusive interviews including Netflix, Hulu, Machinima, HBO, YouTube channels, and first-person experiences, a full panorama of opportunities are revealed. Beyond TV professionals, this book also appeals to a general audience interested in future trends.

The book’s journey into the future of television begins with “You Are Here,” delving into “The Great Convergence” of television and Internet and the vortex of change we all inhabit now. Then, glancing back, we explore “The Old World” of broadcast television to understand how we got to this moment of transition. Next, traveling “Between Worlds,” we visit cable television and see how the boundaries between network, cable and Internet are mutating. After that, we enter “The New World” that ranges from empires like Netflix and Amazon down to kickstarter-funded web series, and all the creative expressions that abound. Finally, we look ahead to the “Far Frontier” of interactivity and transmedia and a distant, fantastic future. All these experiences are focused on how a writer, producer, director or entrepreneur can use the emerging possibilities to create original television now and in the coming decade.

Paperback: 200 pages
Publisher: Michael Wiese Productions (January 1, 2015)
ISBN-10: 1615932143
ISBN-13: 978-1615932146
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Praise for the Book:

In her remarkable book, The Future of Television, Pam Douglas takes you into the offices of the most powerful and influential writers and executives running the complex world of television today. If you are serious about working in television as a writer, producer, or executive, you must read this book. It is the essential guide.

Jack Epps, Jr., Ph.D.
Chair, Writing for Screen and Television
School of Cinematic Arts, USC

With The Future of Television: Your Guide to Creating TV in the New World, Pam Douglas has managed to deliver insights around the creative and business opportunities in what has become a very disruptive and constantly changing entertainment industry. Readers will walk away with actionable to do's and an insider's perspective on how to navigate the television ecosystem. And for those already in the know, Ms. Douglas uncovers some details around business decisions that have left us all wondering how they do that and why? A must read for all who want to be players in the TV biz.

Lori H. Schwartz
Former Governor, Interactive Media Group, Television Academy
Digital Board, NATPE

Pamela Douglas offers up a vital guide map for the creatively perplexed with her clear, researched, and at times acerbic insights that enumerate opportunities for writers and producers to develop compelling content in the transforming worlds of media. Bottom line: keep writing with passion and authenticity, and Ms. Douglas gives you tools to do just that.

Jeremy Kagan
Chair of Special Projects for the Directors Guild of America
Founder of the Change Making Media Lab
Emmy Winning Director, Writer, Producer

Pam Douglas has been teaching the joys and concerns of television since television, as an art form, was regarded as the red-headed stepchild of 'the cinema.' Now the world has come around to where Pam has always been. In her new book, The Future of Television, she lets us see not only where we are now -- this 'new golden age' -- but where we are going. We are all of us savvier for her work, insight, wisdom.

Howard A. Rodman,
vice president, Writers Guild of America West.

Pam Douglas has written a fantastic primer on the fast-changing television landscape, a topic all creatives need to understand. She reminds us that great content remains central, and the best platforms will always be those that better serve and reward all the players in the television ecosystem, from creatives to producers to distributors to consumers. Fantastic new choice is coming to the consumer, and greatly improved digital systems for finding and curating great content. Though still primitive today, there even new tools for creating great stories as a solo writer, in small group collaboration, and via “crowds” of amateurs, professionals and fans. Digital technology will continue to accelerate in its abilities in coming years, but many things will continue to stay the same, including what makes great characters and story. Read this fascinating book to see and profit from both the changing and the perennial aspects of our extraordinary television future.”

John Smart,
President, Acceleration Studies Foundation,
Author, How the Television Will Be Revolutionized, 2010.

Pam Douglas lays out the schizophrenic state of the television industry, half moribund as Detroit in the 70’s, half vibrant as Silicon Valley today. For those of us already making television, she offers an insightful guide to where we are going. For those considering TV as a career, she offers even more – encouragement and an invitation to join in.

Chip Johannessen,
Governor of Writers Branch, The Television Academy;
Executive Producer, Homeland, Dexter, 24

From the voices of top TV executives to deep reflections on the history of television, The Future of Television is a brilliant example of how accurately predicting the future can only come from knowledge and understanding of our past and present. Demystifying, entertaining, and intellectually stimulating, this book makes information clear and accessible to both experts and novices.

Josie Roman,
Host, Future Salon LA;
Principal, Sealight Enterprises

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